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In a unit about the arts of Africa, one lecture might describe the Adinkra textile patterns of Ghana.After the morning lecture, a timer is set and students – in groups of three or four – start work at their centers, eventually rotating through all seven.

Research on learning style preferences in the online environment emphasizes the need to provide a variety of methods that include text, aural, visual, and kinesthetic examples.At present, there are over 100 learning style inventories. Some scholars have found that learning style theories appeal to educators because they: 1) provide information to instructors about what kinds of instructional strategies might be more helpful than others; 2) provide some explanation to the question of why students vary in performance; and, 3) they provide a framework for exploring the attitudinal and metacognitive variables that impact learning (Coffield, et. Learning style inventories call attention to habits and attitudes of which students are often unaware (Keefe, 1988) and with this information, students can not only begin to understand why they might be struggling in a given class, but can also begin to direct themselves to expanding their ability to learn in a variety of styles. Individual differences in affective and conative functions. In general, there are two ways to use learning style inventories. First, with knowledge about learning style preferences, instructors may expand their use of teaching styles that match them (Woodridge, 1995).

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Learning styles are highly relevant for students in the online environment.

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