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It turns out early versions of Microsft Word had a setting called "fast save" to speed up the frequent action of writing to a file (a slow process in those days of floppy disks and computers that ran only about 2% as fast as today’s i Phones)."Fast save" worked by appending revisions to the end of a file rather than completely overwriting the existing the text.Word 5.1 knew to look for these revisions and integrate them into the main text when the file was opened.A doff of the scrub cap — and a grinding of the pharmacologist’s pestle — for drug-making-and-taking pioneer Sir James Simpson, 1st Baronet, born on this day June 7, 1811 in Bathgate, West Lothian.The youngest of seven, James Simpson was a boy genius who entered university at just 14, receiving his medical degree at age 21.As for yours truly Dooley, my first exposure to the numbing effects of chloroform were in the television procedurals of the 1970's — "Mannix," "Police Woman Pepper Rodgers," and especially, "Mission Impossible" — staring Barbara Baines in the role of Cinnamon Carter, alongside IMF stalwarts Peter Lupus, Peter Graves and Peter Greg Morris — where criminals were always knocking out their victims with chloroform-soaked rags.My academy mates and I were fascinated by this miracle “juice” — as was later a distant relation of the good doctor Simpson — American football hero Orenthal James Simpson, who became somewhat of a back room health scientist himself, experimenting with all manner of mind-bending “Juice.” His work with amphetamine, methamphetamine, cocaine and heroine speedballs found him gleefully leaping through airports, making a bloody fool of himself onscreen and, alas, strangulating and stabbing his ex-wife and maître d boyfriend to bloody death.

When I open the same file with a simple text editor like Text Wrangler, though, the text appears to be somewhat different.

Start reading Before Commodore Matthew Perry forcibly opened Japan to Western trade in the 1850s, Europeans and Americans had little familiarity with Japanese art forms other than ceramics.

Within a decade, however, Western artists and collectors had fallen under the spell of Japanese art, in a cultural love affair the French called Japonisme.

Start reading to a cheering crowd at gaming’s annual E3 convention.

Sixteen years after its original release, players had a chance to experience an enhanced version of a critical darling so many had ignored.

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