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Hearts are not so easily bought, they are won, by guys who are nice.

A guy who is nice will to go dinner at a place that was chosen by both parties, perhaps even with some friendly banter over which restaurant is preferable.

A guy who is nice will be there for you when he can and only if you need him, and he won’t be afraid to tell you if you’re wrong. They show up at your door bearing magazines and Kettle Chips when you’re having a hard day, and will endure hours of “Dance Moms” just to be in your presence.

A Nice Guy will bend over backwards to be the kind of person you’ve always wanted, a guy who is nice will have a personality that is not forged from the ashes of your own, with interests that are entirely separate from yours. ” on the street, and don’t understand why you scowl and pull your scarf tighter around your neck. These small acts of “kindness” are just the foundation for what will inevitably turn into a rebuffed advance. Here’s the thing about being a Nice Guy: we can sniff that shit out a mile away.

If you’re only referenced by your first name and you only hear, “Nice to meet you,” he’s probably done this before. and he offers to take the next shift, you’ll be glad that you did.

Bad boys are a dime a dozen but a good man is worth his weight in gold.

For one, he comes across as a guy who is not confident in himself and secondly, you can sense that his actions are usually in the direction of seeking your approval.

So you subconsciously start distancing yourself from him.

So they end up going out of their way to be nice to people out their need for approval.

Such an attitude ends up being a negative aspect in relationships, because girls are quick to spot a needy guy.

Girls have a natural repulsiveness for any kinda approval seeking behavior especially in their intimate partner, whether a boyfriend or a husband.

It took launching my own initiative, ‘Operation Date Nice Guys,’ to make sure I was taking the time with men who did not have a ‘wham-bam-thank you ma’am’ plan. Advances in digital communication have become a great way to string someone along and make them think they are an important part of your life when you’re really just wasting time while sitting in traffic. Most daters (and people in general) spend less time listening than they do waiting for their turn to speak. Any charmer can say, “We should do this again,” then text you to see if you got home okay. If a man invites you out with his buddies, but stays at your side the whole night, he’s one to watch.

However, some naughty guys lay it on thick in the beginning, but turn out to be a wolf — or more specifically — a dog, in sheep’s clothing. Here are five signs you’ve found a true-blue mensch: 1. Even if he checks in ‘just to see his messages,’ he could be biding his time with you until something else (better) comes along. If he picks up the phone to actually call, or even better, wants to see as much of you in person as possible, you have someone special on your hands. If your guy not only heard that you love Cuban Coffee, but also emailed you a link to the best place to get it in town – or better yet, brought some to your next date – he’s golden. The real men are the ones who say, “I’d love to take you out on Friday” when you’re still on your first date, then call the next morning to tell you what a nice time they had last night and confirm plans for that upcoming date. The way you’re introduced makes a huge difference too.

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