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If you've ever needed some help getting dressed, Amazon's newest Echo device is here to help.Called the Echo Look, it's an Alexa-enabled camera that can take full length photos or videos of you, help you build a "personal lookbook," and give a second opinion on your outfit.The device Amazon is also launching a feature called Style Check, which uses machine learning and a team of "fashion specialists" to help you compare two looks and decide which one is better.The feature is similar to one called Outfit Compare, which is available to Prime members.By saying, "Alexa, take a picture" or "Alexa, take a video," the device uses its depth-sensing camera and LED lighting to capture your look and create a lookbook of all your outfits.Amazon even built in "computer vision-based background blur" to make your outfit photos look more high-quality.Litepanels said the Brick, which provides daylight and tungsten, is flicker-free at all frame rates and shutter angles with no visible color shifting.

The Echo Look has many of the same features as the Echo and Echo Dot — like the ability to check your calendar, weather, and commute — but more features will be "coming soon," the spokeswoman said.

"Just like the Mini Plus, the Brick is designed to be a versatile on-camera LED, so I am eager to see what creative uses [users] find for this product." The Brick Bi-Color LED light is expected to ship at the end of October, the company said.

The Brick will sell for 9, and the One Light Kit will be 9.

Consumers spend almost three-quarters of their total smartphone app time in just their three favorite apps, according to com Score.

But it's not all doom and gloom: There are numerous tools at a publisher's disposal to engage and re-engage consumers, and there are new products and solutions coming to market that can help alleviate some of the issues around this app engagement crisis.

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