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This thing looks like Golem from Lord of the Rings.

But instead of living in Middle Earth it lives in Madagascar, and when it’s not busy searching for its precious ring, it’s using its creepy long fingers to get grubs out of trees. Except for Antarctica, a place we all need to move to.

This breed has a personality marked by direct, fearless willingness to protect human children.

Being small or looking beautiful doesn’t mean that one animals is harmless.

Millipedes coil it’s long body into a spiral shape when it faces the predators.

African millipedes have 250 legs, movement of these small legs seems very attractive.

Followings are 10 scary looking harmless animals in the world.

Giant African millipedes are one of the largest millipedes in the world.

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Although there is variation in temperament, a typical pet Doberman attacks only if it believes that it, its property, or its family are in danger. Marines in World War II, and 25 Marine War Dogs died in the Battle of Guam in 1944: there is a memorial in Guam in honor of these Doberman Pinschers In the hands of a responsible owner, a well-trained and socialized Rottweiler can be a reliable, alert dog and a loving companion.

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